Professional Coaching Practice with a Purpose

It’s simple. We aim to supercharge the professional development of coaches whilst delivering a positive social impact. We believe that all walks of life should have the opportunity to benefit from the wonders of a coaching relationship. Through technology, we provide you with a convenient opportunity to improve your coaching practice whilst making a positive difference to someone who could not normally access a professional coach.

Authentic practice

Imagine a 22 year old transitioning out of education struggling to find direction or a single parent trying to get their community enterprise off of the ground. Just a small degree of support in these cases can make the difference between success or failure. We believe coaching is a catalyst for positive change and so we want to provide affordable personal and professional development programmes to those that would not normally have access to them. We use technology to take geography out of the equation and provide you with a convenient solution to achieve your coaching hours and to make a difference.

Paid hours, standard

Whether you’re on the road to becoming a professional coach or are qualified and want to renew your professional membership, accruing the necessary hours can be a challenge. We’ve designed our service to ensure it is aligned to the standards and ethics of the leading professional coaching bodies. We’ve also partnered with the ICF to be able to classify our practice offer as ‘paid hours’.

Paying it forward

The next step for newly qualified coaches is acquiring fee paying clients. It can take a while to build up the confidence to take the leap from ‘free to fee’. Qualified coaches, that have successfully delivered to a DotCoach client, can then be eligible to become an Ambassador coach. Benefits include - matching to fee paying clients, group supervision and the option to deliver the coaching programme to a DotCoach client.

Who are the coaching clients?

We work in partnership with Universities, Colleges, Business Support Agencies and Social Enterprises. Our initial impact piece is focusing on young people aged 18-24; however our aim is to reach people most in need of support. Individuals can apply through an organisation or directly online to enrol in one of our development programmes. We offer a Skype call to get to know them, clarify their objectives and commitment to completing the programme.

How to become a DotCoach

1. Join Us

The service is available to professional coaches that are qualified members of ICF, ILM, EMCC or Association for Coaching OR are undertaking training with one of their approved training providers. Tell us about you. Your coaching preferences, style and capacity.

2. Review

On confirming your details we will send you an overview of the programme and details of how to access your coaching clients once you have been matched. We will invite you to join a community of fellow coaches and you will have direct access to a member of our team to answer any questions.

3. Commence

When a coaching client comes on board that meets your preferences, we will match and introduce you. If we’ve done our job properly then you should hit it off and will embark on (at least) 6 sessions together. If not, no problem we’ll keep going until we find the right client for you.

The membership is currently oversubscribed.

Currently 140 coaches from around the globe that already #coachforgood.

We ran a pilot in February 2016

Here is what our coaches said:

'I want to give people the opportunity to experience coaching in a way I never had. For my personal and professional development, I'm connecting with a different demographic to hone my skills and experience new perspectives.'

- Tom

'DotCoach makes the connection between my two profession passions: the psychology of coaching and releasing the potential of young leaders. It's such a brilliantly elegant idea - helping coaches push their boundaries by coaching young leaders to push theirs. DotCoach use their coaching expertise and technological savvy to make it happen in an authentically cutting edge style that combines fun, professionalism and a deep seated drive to make a difference.'

- Katie Banham

'As soon as I heard about DotCoach I could see what a great idea it was and I wanted to get involved. I am very passionate about working with young entrepreneurs, community leaders, graduates and social enterprises - supporting people who are striving to change their own world and the world around them for better. I was struck by the way that DotCoach are enriching the programme with coaching, resources and tools to add valuable insight and help keep things on track over the 3 month course. To me it seems like an incredibly cohesive and valuable opportunity for those taking part to dig deep and make real and lasting changes in their businesses and lives.'

- Emily

The good just gets better

DotCoach is a registered Community Interest Company dedicated to youth employability and enterprise. We reinvest profits from our programmes into youth training, paid internships and leadership workshops.

DotCoach CIC,

Rosyth Business Centre,

16 Cromarty Campus,

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Company Number 519971

Our supporters

Who are we?

Tim Mart

If there is one thing you should learn about, get to know and appreciate it's you. From the big stuff to all the little intricacies. What you like, what you value, what is important, what drives you crazy and how all these aspects of you connect to one another. Have this and you have a pretty good sketch to be able to paint a future that you will not only enjoy, but flourish in. I found this out late.

In my 30’s and after working with and then training to become a professional coach. I had the realisation that it was our future that I wanted to focus my future on. I remember thinking 'it would have been great to know this a lot earlier in my life'. That is why I founded DotCoach. To make professional coaching the catalyst to creating a purpose-driven generation of young adults that transition out of education with clarity in themselves, their direction and the skills to flourish.

Chirag Mehta

Having scrambled through my years as a young adult, I found myself in an industry I loved, technology. However, there was still something missing and I started questioning what this was for me. It was the same time I attended a programme run by a charity called Wyse and was introduced to coaching. This was a skill that answered many questions I had. I embarked on a learning journey to learn the discipline of coaching. The desire to bring technology and coaching together spurred my motivation to create DotCoach.

Kate Hesk

It feels like so much of our education focuses on ‘the what’ – learning knowledge and facts and how we express our appreciation of them in our critical thinking. Whilst thinking and knowing are important to success in life and careers I believe that understanding ourselves and how to be more of who we are ‘with skill’ is what really makes the difference to our success. Coaching enables us to become more aware of who we are, and what we can become. In supporting DotCoach I am passionate about offering coaching to those at the start of their career to enable them to make ‘authentic’ and mindful choices for the future.

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